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Macintyre Advisors focuses exclusively on private equity with over 25 years’ experience managing client portfolios of funds, secondaries, and direct investments. We provide the experience and tools necessary to implement an effective private equity strategy working as an extension of our client’s team to enhance their capability given resource and or expertise constraints.

We have invested on behalf of a broad group of investor types including family offices, plan sponsors, endowments, foundations, financial institutions and private banks.  We have invested and managed client portfolios across strategies:

  • Diversified global portfolios
  • Small and middle market buyout
  • Venture Capital and Growth Equity
  • Private Credit
  • Infrastructure
  • Distressed debt and equity
  • Emerging Managers


  • We focus exclusively on the private equity asset category investing across funds, secondaries and direct investments.
  • We have over 25 years of experience investing across several market cycles.
  • We provide the capability to access market segments that were previously unavailable given resource and or expertise constraints.
  • We provide the insight and tools through which institutional investors can assess an investment’s risk-return profile and incorporate into their investment decision making process.


  • We execute a continuous due diligence process developing insights on a manager’s team, competitive positioning, strategy execution and investment performance.   
  • We partner with proven managers as well as new and emerging manager funds which have been significant contributors to investment results.
  • Key to our due diligence approach is to evaluate manager capabilities that have driven past returns and assess whether those capabilities are still present and relevant to continue to drive outperformance in the future.



  • We advocate flexible investment guidelines allowing for an opportunistic approach relative to rigid targets. Rigid targets can result in forcing capital into sub-asset classes, regardless of the availability of quality managers in the market.
  • Our approach to risk management appropriately balances an opportunistic investment approach focusing on the best possible funds with prudent portfolio diversification and risk management.
  • We manage risk from a number of perspectives including due diliegnce, equal weighting vintage years and individual commitments and constraining exposure to strategies, regions, funds and managers.


  • We have developed a network of relationships spanning 25 years resulting in an investment pipeline of established and emerging managers across stage and geography.
  • Our investment sourcing is an onging function providing insight into new firm formations and spin-out groups from established firms.
  • Our sourcing network coupled with our extensive due diligence experience allows for flexibility in the timely review and assessment of the risk return characteristics of investment opportunities.